Pool Rules/Etiquette

Pool Rules for Indoor/Outdoor Pools

*No Running, diving, dunking, being thrown in the air or horseplay.
*Rest periods are called at the quarter of the hour mark and last for 15 minutes (until the top of the hour). During summer months and on weekends for children under 18.
*Any child wearing a floatation aid must have a parent or guardian in the water, within arm’s reach at all times.
*Non-walking children may stay in the pool with parent or guardian during rest period.
*Children 5 years of age and under or non-swimmer must be accompanied in the water by a swimming parent or guardian at all times.
*Children 6-9 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian on deck or in the water.
*Children 0-15 must have a parent or guardian in the building and pool at all times.
*No food may be brought in from the outside. Food is available at the poolside café or bistro.
*Glass containers are not permitted.
*All diaper changes must be made in our locker rooms. 

Circle Swim For Lap Lane Swimming

 *Due to limited space you are not guaranteed a lane to yourself. If there are more than two simmers in a lane please share and swimmers will need to circle swim.
*Pick a lane where you will swim at approximately the same speed as those who are already swimming in the lane.
*Let the swimmers in the lap lane know you are joining them. If you are joining a lane that already has two people in it. Communicate clearly to both of them that they will need to circle swim before you start swimming.
*Circle swimming means you keep the center line on your left in both directions.
*No diving in the lap lanes allowed. Feet first entry only.
*Do not hang or swim across the lane lines.
*No spitting and nose blowing in pool or gutters allowed.
*To ensure safety and proper etiquette, following the requirements stated above is mandatory. Not doing so can be grounds for removal from the aquatic facility.