Scuba Lessons

The Open Water course is your entry level Scuba certification.

Columbus Scuba offers the Open Water certification (lifetime certification)at Premier at Sawmill for  $389 and we offer a $50 discount to Premier members. Please email for the promo code.

It includes all three segments, rental gear (both Confined and Open Water), required textbooks,
look-book, dive tables, and certification fees.The Open Water course is broken down into three segments:

  • Academics: (online, home study or in a classroom) You will learn the basics of diving techniques, how diving affects your body, diving safety, equipment selection and maintenance, dive planning, and preview the skills you'll learn in the water.
  • Confined Water: (pool sessions) In a pool you'll learn all the basic skills you'll need to confidently and safely enjoy scuba diving.
  • Open Water Dives: (open body of water, such as a quarry or ocean). Here you'll practice all the skills you've already mastered in confined water out in open water.
Should you be planning a vacation and choose to do your Open Water dives elsewhere, the total cost of the course would be $299.00. Your instructor will provide a signed referral form at no extra charge.

Time Commitment

The Open Water course runs four consecutive weeks, meeting once a week (allowing you to complete homework assignments and readings). A schedule of Open Water courses are listed on our homepage. Columbus Scuba offers classes at a variety of locations. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience. Columbus Scuba’s staff has flexible schedules to fit your schedule. The Academic portion is done at home using the PADI eLearning system. 


Columbus Scuba requires you to provide mask, fins, and snorkel, as these are personal fitting pieces of equipment required by all Dive schools. Columbus Scuba offers an additional discount on all equipment purchased by our students. Please stop by the store to be educated on these pieces of equipment even if you chose not to buy from us. Once certified, students receive a lifetime discount on equipment and gear rental. Gear rental is $35 a day (regularly $55 a day at our store and typically $80 a day elsewhere).

Please contact us either by phone (614) 500-PADI or by email with any additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to teaching you how to dive!!!