New! Grit Series

What to expect in a GRIT class.

Les Mills Grit workouts switch between short bursts of intensity and recovery periods - the best way to increase fitness, tone muscle, lose fat and become more athletic.
  • An accelerated warm up will kick-start your heart rate and awaken your neuromuscular system
  • Then it's straight into top gear with a combination of strength, plyometric or cardio circuit sequences that leave comfort zones in the dust
  • The sting in the tail is the core track


How often should I GRIT?

Substitute a regular one hour training session with 2 Les Mills Grit workouts per week (with a couple days between each Grit workout.) It won't take long to see awesome results.

How fit should I be?

Les Mills Grit workouts are challenging, but it's challenge that gets results. If you're serious about taking your fitness to the next level, then these are the workouts for you. Your coach will give you options that allow you to tailor the intensity to suit your own needs.

Is it safe?

Like all Les Mills programs, the Les Mills Grit Series has been designed with safety and science at its core and has been tried and tested for safety and results. As with any new training program, if you have particular concerns check with your medical professional first.

What should I bring?

Your usual workout clothes, a drink bottle, towel, and some serious commitment! We'll provide the rest!

How do I register?

Contact the service desk at (614) 336-CLUB (2582) and they will get you taken care of.

Who can help me with questions?

Please contact Shelli Sanzo, Group Fitness Manager either by email:  or phone: (614) 336-2582 ext. 121.