I just wanted to say that Premier has never had such a strong Pilates and Yoga program!!! The classes and instructors are great, at least the ones I attend during the day time. I haven't done the Thursday yoga yet with the current instructor, but I will try it tomorrow. I just wanted to pass that along and thank you for all you do!

Terry Trubiano - January 2017


I've been a member at Premier for almost one year and wanted to send you an email and tell you how much I enjoy the fitness classes at the club. I regularly do Body Attack, Body Pump, Boot Camp, CX Worx and Spinning. Jessica, Meredith, Shelley, Jill, Jim, Beth, Ka, Ellie, Teresa are all great and their expertise and enthusiasm has really helped me regain my fitness level.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer with average survival of 18 months to four years. I had chemo and a stem cell transplant at The James. I lost a lot of weight but gained a lot of fluid in my abdomen. My abdomen measured 43 inches at one point. I was in The James for three weeks and had to go to rehab for 10 days. When I left The James in May 2013, I could only walk 35 feet and stand for about 45 seconds. Before I got sick, I could keep up with folks 20 years younger than me in exercise classes and ride my bike 200 miles over a weekend.

I worked out at home and tried to go to fitness classes at the Dublin Rec Center but the schedule and available classes made it hard for me to consistently work out. So, I decided to join Premier last December. Shelley Meyer had led a spin class at Premier as a fundraiser for my Pelotonia ride and everyone was so nice so I decided Premier was the place for me.

I've been trying to make it to at least three classes per week for the last year and it has made a huge difference. I was so much stronger during my Pelotonia training rides this year, able to keep up with folks who had left me in the dust before. And i can keep up with some of the stronger participants in the classes I attend. Thursday, I went to my regular follow-up with my oncologist and she commented on my abs saying my stomach is flatter than hers. That's saying something since she's in great shape and knows how bad my abdomen was.

Your team of instructors has helped me get from here to here....

Kathy Koontz - December 2016

You have done an amazing job with camp. Benji absolutely loves going and I love that it is available. I cannot imagine the amount of time and energy it has taken to plan such thoughtful activities.
Thank you so much for all you and your fellow assistants have done!"
Stacy Flowers - July 2015

" I just wanted to send you a quick note about a situation the team handled yesterday. The lifeguards cleared the pool yesterday due to thunder in the area. While we were disappointed to have to leave the pool we understood. One member did not agree with the guards and got in the pool. When asked to get out he refused and was very rude and loud to the lifeguards. He was cursing and making quite the scene. He finally got out of the pool and continued being rude. Tracy went over and talked to him and instead of getting upset she sat down and talked to him until the pool could be opened again. Every single employee out there acted with the utmost professionalism. The staff at Premier is truly excellent and make it THE BEST gym in the city! Thank You,"
Shaun Emick - July 2015  

 " I wanted to send a personal message to share my experience of being a member. I am 67 and joined when I needed to take care of some issues of a maturing body. Like many males I had lived my life without great response to what was happening until I experienced a personal awakening. I was having some problems with my knee and my doctor had recommended I get into a program of regular exercise of the joint. Only after a couple of setbacks did I realize I had not made a personal effort to take part in my recovery. Enough about me.

So I stopped in and joined this past fall, but it had been quite a while since I participated regularly in a gym program. And one of the opportunities was to meet a trainer and learn what equipment was available and proper use of them. So now, I have been participating regularly for six months and I want to share my positive experiences. I feel very good about coming to Premier and being treated in a friendly interested manner. It is small things that make a big difference – a friendly “good morning” with a smile and I really like the “have a good day” as I leave. Fresh clean towels and a regular tidy up during the day in the locker rooms. One Sunday morning I came in and the showers were being scrubbed and cleaned I am impressed with how you stay on top keeping cleanliness in good order. Please express my thank you to the staff and remind them no matter what their role it contributes to the whole package great image. While I do not participate in all the programs you offer, the important thing –for me- is that I am feeling comfortable enough to join in if I wish.
Thank you again-"
Ron Minekime - June 2015