Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club Etiquette

  • General Club Etiquette
      • Attend to your children- For safety and respect of others, children should not be unattended while in the club but located in the appropriate areas such as the Kids Club or Zone. Premier Kids Club and the club staff will assist in any way possible to help with tantrums or screaming.
      • Be conscientious of your own body odor
      • Change diapers in the family locker room- Changing any other location than the family locker room or Kids club is prohibited.
      • Cleaning machines- Please wipe down all machines after use. Disinfectant and towels are provided.
      • Clean up after yourself (bistro, lobby, pool area) - Please take personal items and don’t forget to deposit trash into the trash cans.
      • Comment cards - We value your opinions, suggestions and concerns. Please be specific, avoid vague information so we can correct any issues and don’t forget to provide contact information. This is always helpful in case of further investigation or information is needed.
      • Membership Cards - For safety and to ensure those who enter the club are members, we require your membership card including the Kids club to enter. Please help us expedite the process by having your card ready.
      • Membership dues and services - Always get a receipt for any paid services including dues. Please always ask for confirmation on any changes to your membership as this will avoid confusion and lower stress or questions during the process. Premiers strives for simplicity and transparency.
      • Must wear shoes and shirt in common areas of the club
      • No foul language
      • No slamming weights
      • Phones - Please refrain from using phones in all locker room areas. Please be courteous of others when talking on your phone within the club. Talking during classes and on the machines are discouraged.
      • Pool Circle swim - Lanes can become a premium at certain times, taking over a lane without allowing another member to circle swim (share a lane) can be an inconvenience to everyone. It is understandable to work in with a similar swimmer, help each other out.
      • Put weights back - Safety and organization is always a priority.
      • Refrain from in depth conversations during all classes
      • Report problems with equipment- We have created machine cards at the service desk and throughout the club. Please fill these out completely, it will allow for quicker repairs and service.
      • Shower before using hot tub/pool- Showering reduces the chlorine needed to kill bacteria and raising quality/clarity of the water. When you smell a strong dose of chlorine, this indicates dirty water as the chlorine is doing its job killing bacteria.
      • Towels - Place your used towels in the towel bins provided for cleanliness and to avoid a tripping hazard.
  • Locker Room Etiquette
      • Children - Children under 5 of different gender are allowed if needed, however please use the Family locker room.
      • Children under 16 are prohibited from entering hot tubs- This is a health code requirement.
      • Exercise in the steam/sauna rooms- Yes it does occur, but should not as this is invasive to others and a safety hazard.
      • Nudity - We understand you are in a locker room, however most people prefer not to look at others entirely in the nude. Cover up where and when you can in public areas.
      • Phones - Phones are strictly prohibited. Report to staff if you see someone using a phone.
      • Shaving - Shaving needs to occur at the sink area. Shaving in the steam room is strictly prohibited.
      • Shower before entering hot tubs
      • Towels required - Towels are required to be placed or worn on benches near lockers, in the steam and sauna rooms. Also please wear a towel at the sink areas.
      • What you do at home is not what you should be doing at your gym. Clipping toenails, shaving personal areas, hair coloring, lathering lotion in the buff, taking the counter over with makeup, anything beyond the routine day-to-day stuff is best saved for your own personal bathroom.
      • Please place used towels in the towel bins provided and use trash cans provided for toiletries, razors versus leaving in the shower stalls and on the counters.
      • Never dry clothes/bathing suits in the sauna and on the unit. Some clothing can be extremely flammable and it will not take much to cause a fire. Any member doing so will be warned and the rule strictly enforced.
  • Fitness Floor Etiquette
      • Clean your machine
      • Place weights and bars back in its proper place
      • Proper Language and tone - Foul or aggressive language toward others will not be tolerated. Please keep your grunts to a reasonable level.
      • Saving machines for others - This is not a practice that will be allowed. If someone has to make a quick trip to the restroom or hydrate, that is acceptable, to a point.
      • Slamming weight - Slamming weights is not necessary and if you have to slam them you may be using too much weight. It is an annoyance to other members.
      • Work in with other members on machines - Taking over a machine especially for a prolonged period of time is the most egregious in poor etiquette. Remember, you may be the one that deals with someone else’s rudeness. Help set the example and catch up on social media or texts after your workout in the lobby or bistro.
      • Wear proper attire - Torn up, smelly clothes are highly discouraged. Under garments should be not be worn alone, this includes sport bras. Please wear appropriate tops and bottoms in all areas of the club. Sport shoes must be worn when using all equipment.
      • Watch your time on machines - An appropriate time on a moving cardio machine is 30-40 minutes.
  • Kids Club Etiquette
      • Communicate your location- Communicate your location in case of an emergency.
      • Membership ID - Have your membership fob available for additional security.
      • Proper hygiene - Proper hygiene and clothing are always required including a clean diaper.
      • Sick Child - Never bring a child who is ill into the Kids Club.
      • Special Needs - Please communicate any special needs to our staff that they should be aware of for a more positive experience for your child.
      • Time limits - Please respect time limits for children in the Kids club that are in place. It keeps ratios down and your children’s happiness up.
  • Court Sport Etiquette
      • Avoid black soled gym shoes - They leave scuff marks and affect the overall play of the hardwood floors including dirty shoes.
      • Foul language and screaming - Premier is a family environment. Neither of these are appropriate nor will be tolerated.
      • Show up on time - You will lose your court if you show up late.
      • Slamming anything - Slamming your racquet or a basketball is not the way to go as it causes damage to the club which affects dues.
  • Group Fitness Etiquette
      • Avoid overcrowding classes - Premier hands out class cards for high demand classes, 1 per person. Saving a spot, grabbing an extra card for a friend running late, or sliding in, are to be avoided. Premier hosts over 80 classes per week included in your membership.
      • Proper attire - We are a family oriented fitness club and ask that work out gear be respectful and in good taste.
      • Punctuality for your class - Experiencing the warm up, the body of class and the cool down; are all important aspects to a successful workout. Classes like Spinning, BodyPump, Step and Boot camp require some equipment set up time. If you are attending a class for the first time; be sure to get there early for instruction and set up.
      • Offer feedback to the instructor - If the music is too loud or you are unable to follow the class for any reason; instructors WANT to hear from you. These classes are designed for you, so if you have a suggestion, let the instructor know. Likewise, if there is a portion of the class you'd like help with, speak up. That is what they are there for; they want you to have the most effective, safe and enjoyable experience.
      • Return equipment - Return all equipment to proper the proper studios and stow equipment accordingly; everything has a place and it’s indicated clearly. If you don’t know, please ask.
      • Patience - If a class is finishing up; while you are waiting for your class to begin, please allow time to clean up and exit the studio before entering to get set up for your class.
      • Clean your mats; wipe down your equipment- Everyone benefits from this.
      • Proper attire; Proper smell - Show up to work out with work out clothing and be careful of clothing that exposes your body that is not in good taste. Have clean clothing and avoid strong odors (sweat, alcohol, perfumes and essential oils).
      • Show up on time - Additionally, unless you have a good reason, please try not to leave when the class is still in progress.
      • Talking on phones - In today’s technology, phones do many things. Talking on them or taking pictures are not ones that are appropriate while in class.
  • Bistro Etiquette
      • Attire - Shoes and shirts must be worn inside please. This is a health code requirement and a visual/safety benefit.
      • Personal items - Don’t forget to pick up or clear your personal items and please deposit trash in trash bins provided.
      • No outside food or drink permitted in the Bistro, or any areas of the club.
  • Aquatic Etiquette
      • Adhere to pool rules - Be knowledgeable, they are intended with safety in mind.
      • Circle swim - When lanes are busy, work in your swim as you would a machine.
      • Follow Lifeguard directions
      • Proper attire - Proper swim attire is always required including swim diapers. Thong bottoms are not permitted.
      • Over talking during water classes - This can be disruptive to those who are following the instructor and wanting to focus on their workout.
      • Be cautious and courteous during group water classes - While swimming recreationally, be cautious and courteous to those taking water classes by not swimming through them. This can be a safety issue as well as a disruption.

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